Adolescent Depression Toolkit

  • Primary Care Toolkit: Background
  •      Assumptions

         National Quality Forum Measures

         Evidenced Based Interventions for MDD in Adolescents


  • Primary Care Toolkit: Co-Management Algorithm
  •      Acute Care/Well Care Visit


  • Primary Care Toolkit: Screening Guidance
  •      Call/Visit Frequency

         Referral to BH Therapy

         Referral to Psychiatry



  • Primary Care Toolkit: Referral and Co-Management
  •      Psychiatry Referral Criteria

         While Awaiting a Referral

         Co-Management with Mental Health Professional


  • Primary Care Toolkit: Psychopharmacology
  •      Fluoxetine



         SSRI's: Information for Patients and Families


  • Primary Care Toolkit: Resources
  •      PHQ-2

         PHQ-9 Modified for Adolescents (PHQ-A)

         SAFE-T: Suicide Assessment Five-Step Evaluation and Triage

         HIPAA Privacy Rule and Provider to Provider Communication