Primary Care Provider Toolkit


The Chronic Pain Initiative is designed to improve the medical care received by patients with chronic pain and in the process, to reduce the misuse, abuse, and overdose of medications used to treat patients with chronic pain.


  1. Data and Epidemiology
  2. Opioids in the Management of Chronic Pain: An Overview
  3. NC Medical Board Position Statement on the Use of Opiates for the Treatment of Pain
  4. Editorial by Robert Bilbro, MD
  5. Assessment and Management Algorithms
  6. Suggested PCP Clinical Flow
  7. Sample Practice Policies

  9. Patient Treatment Tools and Records
  1. Naloxone Prescribing


  1. Urine Drug Screening
  2. Medicaid Provider Portal
  3. Controlled Substance Reporting System
  4. Medicaid Lock-in Program - Lock-in Provider Change Process

  6. Patient Education Materials


  1. Referral for Care Management - Wake/Johnston Counties
  2. Provider Lists (eg: Primary Care, Specialist, Behavioral Health) - Wake/Johnston Counties
  3. Chronic Pain Self Management Program



A collaboration of the Triangle Region CCNC networks