Depression Toolkit

  • Primary Care Toolkit: Introduction

  • Primary Care Toolkit: Treatment Algorithm
  •      Adult (>18 years) Depression Flow Chart (Generic)

         Adult (>18 years) Depression Flow Chart (Practice-Specific Workflow Example)

         Overview of Care Process in the Treatment of Depression

         CCNC Depression Work Group Implementation Recommendations

         Critical Decision Points (CDPs) for Acute Phase Treatment of Major Depression


  • Primary Care Toolkit: Screening/Evaluation

         PHQ-9 Screening and Diagnosis

         Differential Diagnosis Screening



  • Primary Care Toolkit: Medication Information
  •      Quick Guide to Common Antidepressants

         Antidepressants Side Effects Evaluation

         Important Information About Your Depression Medication


  • Primary Care Toolkit: Documentation & Quality Improvement
  •      Risk Factors for Depression

         Warning Signs for Depression

         DSM-5 Criteria for Major Depressive Episode

         ICD-9/ICD-10 CODING

         Depression Flow Sheet

         Chart Review Tool for Depression


  • Primary Care Toolkit: Patient Education
  •      Depression and You

         Depression Self-Care Action Plan


  • Primary Care Toolkit: Depression Support Resources: Telephonic/Care Management Follow-up
  •      Role of the Phone Clinician in the Treatment of a Depressed Patient

         Phone Call Follow-Up Protocol in the Treatment of Depression

         Phone Call Follow-Up Interventions for Clinicians

         Sample Scripts for Phone Call Interventions in the Treatment of Depression

         Depression: Phone Call Follow-Up

         Phone Clinician’s Phone Call Tracking Log


  • Primary Care Toolkit: Spanish Language Resources