The Asthma Program was the first state-wide disease management program developed by the Community Care networks. The program provides resources for clinicians as they follow evidence based clinical practice guidelines in the assessment and treatment of patients with Asthma. The National Institute of Health/National Institute of Heart, Lung, Blood Institute Guidelines on the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma are used as the basis of the program. (NHLBI)

In addition, case managers can work intensively with high risk asthma patients to promote self management and adherence to recommended therapies. Case managers address the importance of using daily controller medicines, the use of spacers, nebulizers, and peak flow meters, the recognition and modification of environmental triggers of asthma, and the recognition of warning signs of worsening symptoms.


Asthma Action Plan - English | Spanish

Wake County Parent Request & Physician’s Order Form for Medication - English | Spanish

Johnston County Asthma Management Plan and School Form - English | Spanish

Asthma Symptom Questionnaire

Childhood Asthma Control Test Ages 4-11 - English | Spanish

Asthma Control Test Ages 12 and Over - English | Spanish

CCNC Asthma Provider Tools

Patient Education

Rescue & Controller Medications

Asthma Medications

Inhalers & Spacers for Children

Nebulizers for Children

Bed Bug Prevention

Air Quality Color Guide

Asthma Triggers - English | Spanish

Clean Green - English |Spanish

Recipes for Toxic-Free Pest Control - English | Spanish


Wake County Asthma Coalition