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A multi-disciplinary care management team, including RNs, Social Workers, Pharmacists, and Physicians, is available to you and your patients.  The team works with providers and patients to support holistic, patient-centered care.  They promote a strong connection with the primary care medical home, help to coordinate services across the different aspects of the local health care system, e.g. behavioral health and specialists, and connect patients to community resources.  Care managers can help patients overcome barriers to care and provide intense patient education and self-management resources.  They provide community-based care management and can make home visits and office visits.  In addition, transitional teams are embedded in area hospitals helping patients make a smooth transition from hospital to home to outpatient follow-up care.  They can work collaboratively with other care managers, including practice or agency-based care management services.

For referrals contact:


Care Management Referrals




Health Check


Pharmacy Referrals


Referral Form

Children with Developmental Issues/Concerns


CDSA Referral Form (Birth to 3 years old)


Exceptional Children’s Preschool Program
(3 to 5 years old)


Consent to share release (CDSA and Preschool) English | Spanish


ABCD (Assuring Better Child Health & Development)

Behavioral Health Referrals


Alliance Behaviorial Healthcare

Adult Referral Form

Pediatric Referral Form


For any questions or concerns after a referral is made, please contact:


Adults Amanda Boyd 919-819-6258
Pediatrics Judy Esquilin 919-815-9473
Pregnancy Amy Davis 919-810-7412
Chronic Pain Deanna Glennon 919-896-2531
Pharmacy Cheryl Viracola 919-792-3661